About me and why I set up ” Path Of Light “

My name is Andrew Wilkie and I am 34 years old ( at time of this writing ) and was born on 9th April 1981 In Hannover , Germany and I am now currently living in Worcester , England , Uk . I have been a spiritual medium since I was little and I see , hear , feel and smell spirit . Also I am an empath and First Light and Huna Master and Reiki Master and also Angel Reiki Master and Attraction Reiki Master. buy diflucan online.

Why I set up path of light ?

The reason I started this website is because I was sick and tired of all the scam websites and fake psychics and mediums ( yes even I got scammed myself ) and that charge for readings and tell you what you want to hear and not the truth or they bombard you with emails saying you need to buy this and that from them or that you are cursed and only they can help you.

Also I have been on other psychic websites where they seem to think it is perfectly fine to charge people to learn how to read and for them to be able to read on there website. Also I was seeing very bad teaching in online classes and even at spiritual church where the medium had no control of the spirits and was all over the place and was even predicting a funeral that never happened.

Also I have seen other websites not teaching people to ground and protect before doing any kind of spiritual work and explaining why they must ground and protect and why you must not read under influence of alchachol or drugs or when you are negative.

Also people claim that you must meditate or do visualizations all the time. ( THAT IS NOT TRUE ) I do not meditate or do visualizations and I am perfectly fine with my abilities and have never had a problem.

Also I believe as a spiritual teacher myself it is our job to teach people how to develop their psychic , mediumship and healing abilities for free and for people of all abilities from around the world to join me and teach and even do free readings. I do not believe in charging for readings and this site will remain free of charge for all classes and readings!